Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns are a type of dental crown that have been used for many years to restore damaged or decayed teeth. They are made by combining a metal substructure with a porcelain overlay, providing a strong and durable crown that has a natural appearance that can be matched to the color of the surrounding teeth.


One of the advantages of PFM crowns is their strength. The metal substructure provides support and stability for the crown, making it less likely to chip or break. This makes PFM crowns a good choice for teeth that need to withstand a lot of force, such as molars.

Another advantage of PFM crowns is their natural appearance. The porcelain overlay can be matched to the color of the surrounding teeth, making the crown virtually indistinguishable from the natural teeth. This makes PFM crowns a good choice for teeth that are visible when smiling or talking.


However, PFM crowns do have some disadvantages. One of the main drawbacks is that the metal substructure can sometimes be visible as a dark line at the edge of the crown, especially if the gum line recedes over time. This can detract from the natural appearance of the crown.

Another potential drawback is that the porcelain overlay can sometimes chip or crack, especially if the crown is subjected to a lot of force. This can require the crown to be replaced or repaired.

In recent years, all-ceramic and zirconia crowns have become more popular as an alternative to PFM crowns. These crowns provide similar strength and natural appearance without the use of metal, eliminating the risk of a visible metal line and reducing the risk of chipping or cracking.

Overall, PFM crowns can be a good choice for certain dental needs, particularly for teeth that require a strong and durable restoration. However, it is important for patients to discuss all of their options with their dentist and choose the best option for their individual needs.

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